Fountain Winterizing

What Better Way To End A Summer Of Enjoying A Fountains Or Statuary Than Letting Us Clean & Winterize Them For You.

      Winter time requires special care for your cast stone wall and garden fountains and statuary. This is especially important in our area where winter can be especially hard on outdoor accents.  All forms of concrete, including cast stone concrete, will be slightly porous. This allows small amounts of water and moisture to actually seep into and absorb into the fountain. In many cases, when this moisture freezes, it can cause small cracks and even chips. This is the major issue that homeowners need to address when it comes to protecting their outdoor fountains during winter. Fountain Protected

Before the freezing weather hits, you must make sure that the fountain is completely dry. Any water that is remaining in the plumbing system, the exposed basin, and the pump can expand when it freezes. This can result in damage to the fountain. With outdoor fountains it is advisable that you bring the pump indoors. Another good idea is to cover the fountain with a non-porous material such as a fountain cover. Small fountains and statues are light enough that they should be moved indoors for the winter.

We here at Galbraith's, understand that though a beautiful addition to any landscape, these sculptures can be quite hard for the average homeowner to handle or store on their own.  Therefore we offer several different options for maintaining your particular pieces.  From simply removing the pumps and covering them, to packing them up and storing them at our locations where they will be completely protected from the winter elements. 


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