Lawn Overseeding Guide

Follow The Guide Below To Turn A Troubled Lawn Into A Picture Perfect Stand Of Turf
Renovating An Existing Lawn

Renovating your lawn with our EarthCarpet Seed mixtures or blends can help you break the Cycle of Frustration and finally enjoy the lawn that you deserve.

1.) Test Soil- Test, don’t guess!- Obtain a soil testing bag from us before planting. Soil testing identifies what soil needs and what soil does not need! A soil test will help determine if any amendments are needed.

Overseeding Grass Seed Calculator

Step 1.  Choose The Seed Type That Best Meets Your Needs:  

Step 2. Enter The Square Footage Of The Area You Intend To Seed:

Result: You Will Need    Pounds Of This Seed To Complete Your Project.

If You Are Installing A New Lawn, Use Twice The Listed Amount
** These rates are specific for Fort Wayne and surrounding areas only

2.) Select appropriate EarthCarpet seed mixture – We carry an EarthCarpet mixture or blend has been developed for practically any situation. Consult with us if you have any doubts about the right mixture for your unique situation.

3.) Spray out weeds with any of our herbicides containing glyphosate- Follow manufacturers directions for proper use!

4.) Scalp lawn down as close as possible- Mow as low as possible without stalling mower. Rake and remove clippings. (More than 1 mowing might be needed to achieve lowest available height.)

5.) Core aerate lawn to encourage abundant root growth of new turfgrass – Equipment should be available for rental from several vendors.

6.) Spread Soil - Spread a thin layer of topsoil to the entire area you wish to reseed.  The soil should be at least 1/4 " thick. (Now is the time to level out any areas of your yard that have become sunken or raised throughout the years.)

7.) Spread Seed - Spread with either broadcast or drop spreader in two directions using the seeding rate appropriate for the chosen seed mixture. - Equipment should be available for rental from several vendors.

8.) Apply Greenview Starter Fertilizer  – Extremely important for proper root development.

9.) Irrigate frequently at least 2X/day for 3 weeks- Water as often as necessary to keep top = inch of soil moist but not soaking. Pay close attention that soil does not dry out due to an afternoon’s sun and heat. Apply 2nd application of Greenview Starter Fertilizer 3 weeks after seeding (crucial)

10.) Begin weekly mowing when first seedlings reach 2”- Keep mower blades sharp and do not mow right after watering to avoid damaging seedling plants.

11.) Raise mowing height to 3" after 6 weeks- Mow as often as required following the 1/3 rule. Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.

12.) Begin standard fertilization and irrigation programs after 8 weeks –Do not apply any weed control products until lawn has been mowed at least four times.