Fresh Cut Sod Ordering

General Information Sod
  • Each Roll is 9 sq.ft. (18" x 6').

  • There are 50 rolls per pallet (450 sq. ft.).

    • Sod pricing is:
      900 sq. ft. or more = $300.00 / pallet (450 sq.ft.)
      900 sq ft. or less = $6.50 / roll (9 sq.ft.)

  • Sod is perishable and must be installed and watered immediately.

  • Delivery is available for orders of 2 pallets (900 sq. ft.) or more.

  • Minimum order for delivery is 2 pallets (900 sq. ft.).

  • Sod must be ordered in pallet quantities of 450 sq. ft. increments.

  • A delivery charge will be accessed based upon the delivery location.  This charge will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

  • All deliveries must be pre-paid 72 hours prior to delivery and need at least 48 hours advanced notice for cancellation or rescheduling.  No refund will be available for orders canceled after the advanced notice cutoff.

  • There is no minimum for pickup orders.

  • Pickup orders must be pre-ordered and pre-paid prior to pickup

  • Pickup orders over 2 pallets (900 sq. ft.) can be scheduled for pickup on a particular day.

  • Pickup orders less than 2 pallets (900 sq. ft.) cannot be scheduled for a particular pickup day.  Once we have combined sufficient small pickup orders to fill a standard 2 pallet (900 sq. ft.) minimum, we will contact you and provide the estimated time of arrival.  All sod should be picked up and installed within 24 hours of arrival.

Sod Calculator

To properly estimate how much sod you will need for your project, measure the area of your planned lawn. Multiply the length by the width of the area in feet and divide this number by nine. This equals the approximate number of rolls needed.
Try out our calculators below to get approximate sod rolls needed.
Enter measurements in feet.
For a rectangular shaped area enter:  
Length of area:
Width of area:

For a circle area enter:  
Diameter of Circle:

For a triangle shaped area enter:  
Base of triangle:
Height of triangle:


Note** We generally recommend adding 5%-10% more to your order to account for cuts and corners. 

For Information About Installation and Maintenance of a Sod Lawn Please Click Here

If you have any further questions or are ready to place an order you can do so from our Contact Us Page