A Poorly Drained Landscape Is The #1 Factor Causing Basement Problems In Our Area.  A Sure Sign Of Future Damage

      One of the worst problems that could happen to a home is damage to the basement wall or slab underneath the house due to poor drainage. When this happens, it is hard to find any inexpensive fix. And insurance companies will not cover any repairs that are needed. 

We here at Galbraith's, fortunately, employ a way to prevent excessive water build up from ruining your home or landscape. We can properly grade your property to channel rainwater away from your foundation.  For any water that cannot be removed by simple grading, we can implement several different ideas for drainage systems to carry the water away. Then after the water issues have been solved, we can replant and resod any disturbed areas so that it looks as if we were never there  This project can sometimes be completed in less than a day for most average-sized houses and costs several thousand less than repairing the damage later down the road.

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