Retaining & Freestanding Walls

Want to add style and functionality to a slope?  Or possibly create the beauty of elevation in an otherwise flat landscape?  Our walls can be seamlessly integrated into any landscape.

Sure, retaining walls look like simple stacked stone, block, or timber. But in fact, they're carefully engineered systems that wage an ongoing battle with gravity. They restrain tons of saturated soil that would otherwise slump and slide away from a foundation or damage the surrounding landscape. These handsome barriers also make inviting spots to sit, and can increase usable yard space by terracing sloped properties.  If your property needs a retaining wall, or if the one you currently have is failing, we can design and install a new one with one of several different types of material: timber; interlocking blocks; stacked stone, block; or concrete.  

Along with retaining walls we also design & construct fashionable freestanding walls that can have a variety of uses.  Such as dividing different portions of your landscape into separate garden rooms, attractive sitting areas around fire pits or patios, and even just as a charming accent feature in your landscape.

Retaining WallWhatever the function of your Galbraith's built wall, you can always have confidence that it will always make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood.


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