Vegetation Management & Ornamental Bed Weed Control

When vegetation is in an unsafe or unattractive location, it is considered an undesirable weed. Galbraith's can control any type of undesirable vegetation.

Our vegetation control program is great for homes and businesses that have annoying weeds and grasses spoiling the curb appeal or high profile areas of the property. There are several benefits in eliminating these nuisance areas.

Benefits of Vegetation Management
  • Eliminates harborage areas for mice, rats and other pests
  • Improves safety by removing hazards contributing to safer environments.
  • Reduces labor and equipment needs required to hand trim fence line and building perimeters Improve accessibility by opening access to utility areas, fire hydrants, emergency exits, etc.
  • Removes dangerous and invasive plants such as poison ivy, multi-flora rose, sumac and other irritant and allergy causing vegetation.
  • Reduces fire hazards.
  • Improves facility aesthetics and appearance.
  • Prevents areas where wind-driven trash and debris can accumulate
  • Provides a cost savings alternative by reducing labor to outside facility and grounds maintenance.

On our initial visit, we will formulate and apply pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls to eradicate problem weeds that germinate quickly throughout the growing season. Follow-up applications are done monthly, as needed.

Areas Where Vegetation management Is often needed


Gravel Driveways
Parking Areas
Curbs and Sidewalk Cracks or Joints
Building Perimeters
Fence Lines
Rock Embankments & Drainage Swales
Ornamental Bed Weed Control Program

An Ornamental Bed Weed Control Service is a liquid application that works by going after already established weeds in your landscape. This treatment is non-selective, meaning it will control whatever it comes in contact with. This is beneficial because often times grasses will start to grow in your landscaping and they cannot be controlled by selective weed controls.

Our service will only treat weeds and undesired grasses in your landscaping unless otherwise specified. Within 48 hours you will notice the weeds starting to wilt and die. Depending on weed type and size, all weeds should be completely dead within 14 days.

These applications kill the entire plant from the top down to the roots. We always target the weeds only and prevent it from running off and damaging non-targeted plants. At this point, all dead weeds should be removed from the landscaping.

This service will only take care of weeds that currently exist in your landscape; just like your lawn, follow up applications may be necessary later in the season.

If you want an entire bed or specific area cleared of all plants take a look at our Vegetation Weed Management Program.

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