Cherry, Black Tartarian Sweet

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Robust and productive! This popular, early-bearer blooms prolifically to yield large, cherry-red to purplish-black fruit. Sweet, rich flavor is irresistible; perfect for fresh-eating and juice. An ideal pollinator for other sweet cherries.  Black Tartarian is an old variety of cherry tree that has remained a favorite among homeowners for the pollination it provides many cherry varieties as well as the superior fruit and dependable high yields. If you’re looking for a pretty tree that will provide years of delicious fruit with little effort, then the Black Tartarian is for you.



Height: 15′
Width: 15′
Light Needs: Full Sun
Bloom Color:  White
Fruit Color  Red
Fruit Size Medium – Large
 Pollination: Any Other Sweet Cherry
Ripens/Harvest: June
Taste: Juicy, Sweet
 Texture Firm, Crisp

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