Sweetgum, Happidaze

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Ideal selection of sweetgum for residential areas and streets, Happidaze is a nearly fruitless variety. The outstanding form is initially a narrow pyramid, with the well spaced branches projecting more in maturity for an overall dense oval habit with a straight central leader. Glossy green leaves have five lobes, turning maroon and persisting well into fall. An overall course texture, even the young branches are covered bark with corky fissures.



Height: 70′
Width: 50′
Light Needs: Full Sun
Key Features: Fall Color

Attractive Bark

Fruitless Sweetgum Tree

Bloom Color: None
Bloom Season: N/A
 Foliage Color: Green

Maroon – Fall

Seasons Of Interest: Fall
Growth Rate: Fast
 Growth Habit: Rounded

Additional information

Light Needs

Key Features


Foliage Color

Flower Color
Bloom Season
Season Of Interest

Growth Rate


Fall Color


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