Swiss Chard, Bright Lights

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These brilliantly-colored stems are so beautiful that you may forget to harvest the succulent, sweet leaves! Electric yellows, pinks, crimsons, oranges, purples, whites, and greens — some even striped! — festoon the 20-inch stems. Many keep their color even after cooking, and all are delightfully festive!

Bright Lights is a mix of green- and black-leaved Swiss Chard in all brilliant colors, including stripes, streaks, and bicolors. It’s utterly eye-catching in garden or container, which is one reason it has received both an All-America Selection and an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticulture Society. The other reason is flavor — this stems keep their colors even after light cooking, and have a rich, crisp, peppery bite!


Height:  18 Inches

 18 Inches

Sun Exposure: Sun / Partial Shade

Characteristics & Attributes

Key Features
  • Flavorful Leaves & Stems
  • Colorful Foliage
  • N/A
Harvest Time
  • 60 Days
Growth Rate
  • Medium
  • Upright


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