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Now scheduling for our 2012 spring cleanup program

Ah, yes spring is almost here. The long awaited first day of spring is moving closer every day.

    This year will your yard be ready for the summer? Does your mulch look thin and light colored? Do your perennials still have the brown dry remains of last year’s flowers? Do your trees and shrubs look untidy and in desperate need of a good pruning?

    If you can honest say no to all of these questions then congratulations you must have really been working hard this winter. But, for the rest of us folks who only journeyed outside this winter to go to work and occasionally get the mail, here is an offer that should be hard to pass up.

    We call this offer the Landscape Update Plan. The plan is a comprehensive updating to your landscape that will make it look as good as the day it was first planted. We first remove any debris that has accumulated in your yard such as leaves and branches from your planting beds. Second, we hand prune all of your trees and shrubs so that when they begin to grow this season they are as healthy and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Then we re-edge the mulch beds in order to get a good definition between the plants and the turf grass. After we edge we then apply the proper levels of mulch to both protect your plants and provide the deep rich color that you expect to find in a well groomed landscape.

    Also, during our visit we will do a detailed examination of your landscape and explain to you any potential problems that could be developing without your knowing it. We will look for everything from grub damage in your yard to nutrient deficiencies in your trees. Once we have completed our inspection we can either provide you with the details for solving the issues or we can manage them for you ourselves.

    But, as the warm weather nears, our schedules will begin to fill quickly. Therefore it is a good idea to contact us as soon as possible in order to assure that your landscape is in tip-top shape come summer. For more information or a free estimate contact us at (260) 486-1587 or click here To Request A Free Estimate Online.