Potted Roses For Indiana Gardeners

Make a statement in your landscape by planting fragrant potted roses from Galbraith's Landscaping and Lawn Care

Selecting Your Potted Rose

We are wild about roses! There’s nothing quite like stuffing one’s nose into a big dewy rose bloom and taking a long sniff! That’s why we are always offer a huge selection of old-fashioned favorites and new additions every spring.  Our bare root roses arrive in early March, and our potting crew gets right to work planting them in containers. All are sold in pots, rather than bare-root, which protects their roots from breaking and drying out.  You can find our best selection of roses in April and early May when our potting process is complete.  Rose flowers are hard to resist, so when they bloom, our selection fades. So stop in and visit our Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care rose experts who can help you find that perfect rose for your garden.

Our rose buyer carefully selects the best varieties based on color, fragrance, and disease resistance. You’ll find all the roses we plan to bring in this spring in our online plant catalog.

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Type Of Rose Bush

At Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care we divide our rose selections into eight rose class subsections:

  • Hybrid Tea Roses
  • Floribunda Roses
  • Grandiflora Roses
  • Climbing Roses
  • Miniature Roses
  • Shrub Roses
  • Knock Out Family of Roses
  • Drift Family of Roses

Each subsection has its benefits.  Ask one of our rose experts about the differences or check out one of our blog posts that describe them in detail.

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Care Requirements

For the best show of flowers and the healthiest plants, rose bushes should receive six to eight hours of sunlight daily. In our area it is best to allow good air circulation around the rose.  It is important, to plant roses at least 3’ away from other plants in order to allow fast drying of the leaves.  This will help keep the plants disease free.

Roses also thrive when planted in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. Due to our heavy clay soils, we mix in compost, peat moss, and other organic matter into our potting mix to improve drainage around your newly planted rose. In lean, sandy soils, you should add peat to help retain moisture near the plant’s roots.

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Color and Fragrance

When you think of roses, you probably think about fragrance and color. It’s almost a natural reflex to bend near a bloom and inhale the perfume. Some roses have more scent than others and some roses have better color than others.  In the 1940’s rose gardeners came together and started awarding the best-of-the-best roses –  these are better known as “All-America Rose Selections (AARS)” winners. These outstanding roses earned the award after two years of rigorous testing in environments that simulate a home garden. AARS was discontinued after 2013 but we still carry several of their greatest rose selections to this day.