Trees And Shrubs For Indiana Landscapes

Enhance your outdoor space with hearty trees and shrubs from Galbraith's Landscaping and Lawn Care

Picking the Perfect Trees and Shrubs for Your Yard

Planting new trees and shrubs to your landscape can greatly increase your property’s value over time. Trees and shrubs add color, texture, and much needed shade to your yard. Galbraith’s offers a wonderful selection of ornamental trees, shade trees, conifers, and shrubs for all kinds of landscapes. Our team of experts help you find the right tree or shrub for your environment, deliver it to your home, and guide you in the planting and care. When selecting the tree or shrub for your yard, consider the following elements that will influence the health and growth of your tree.

Tree and Shrubs
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Space Constraints

Think about the location of your new tree or shrub. Would you like to create a border or barrier with several shrubs planted close together? Do you have a small backyard or large front yard? Make sure to plan for enough room for your new plants as they grow over time. Remember that planting trees too close to your home can create issues as they grow and interfere with your foundation or wiring.

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Light & Water

Once you know where you’ll plant your trees or shrubs, consider the quality of light in those areas. If there’s direct sunlight most of the day, you’ll want to choose trees or shrubs that thrive on lots of light. For low light areas, you’ll want to choose plants that do well in the shade. With Indiana’s weather extremes, it’s important to choose tolerant trees and shrubs that are best acclimated to the area you are planting in.  If you don’t, then expect your new tree or shrub to not perform as well as it could.

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Create a more interesting landscape by mixing in a variety of different trees and shrubs throughout your environment. Choose shrubs for color and texture or consider planting ornamental trees that produce spring flowers and colorful fall berries. Visit Galbraith’s Garden Center to uncover a variety of exciting trees and shrubs before selecting the right option for your landscape.