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Nothing detracts from a beautiful lawn or flower bed more than unsightly weeds. Not only do they ruin the look but they also compete for the same nutrients as your grass and flowers, and can grow so fast that they can take over and kill out surrounding plants. So what can be done to stop these annoying intruders?

Weed control can be a tricky business, and there are many factors to consider before attacking the weeds. To start with what type of weeds are you trying to remove? And where are the weeds located? After all you only want to kill the weeds not the rest of your yard.

If the weeds are growing in pavement cracks then a total plant killer could be a good choice since you want no plants growing there at all. But obviously this would not be a good choice for weeds in the yard and it would leave dead spots all over your grass. For these types we must get into what type of weed they are.

Certain weed killers are specially formulated to only affect specific types of weeds, for instance broadleaf weeds, without killing the surrounding grass as well. But you have to be careful with the application of such weed control, use too much and you could still wind up hurting your lawn, but don’t use enough and the weeds won’t be eliminated. Also some weeds just have to be manually removed from the ground. And if you’re not careful to remove the whole root it will just grow back.

That’s where Galbraith’s lawn professionals come in. However the weeds need to be removed we can do it. Our Fort Wayne weed control experts can correctly diagnose your weed issues and create the right weed control solution for you, leaving you with a beautiful green and healthy lawn.


Generally we recommend that you keep your pets off the lawn for one hour to allow the applied chemicals to dry on the leaves.  To help remind our customers that a service had been completed we place lawn markers in both the front and back yard to notify of treatment.  We also leave a time stamped statement on the door to let you know when the service had been completed.

Yes.  Many of the chemicals we use on a property have the same active ingredients as products you can purchase at any chain store.  Many of these ingredients are less harmful than many general household cleaners you use every day.  Every time we apply a product on your lawn we will include it on the statement we leave at your door during service.  

Yes and No.  Any common weeds such as dandelions and clover are easily killed after a standard treatment or two.  Several very vigorous weeds such as wild violets and creeping charlie can take up to a full year to completely eliminate.  Our technicians carry with them and are trained to use several different herbicides that can target many of the most troublesome weeds without harming the lawn.   There are a few weeds that cannot be selectively killed without damaging the surrounding lawn.  Weeds such as coarse fescue and quackgrass so closely resemble turf grass that they cannot be killed without also killing the lawn surrounding the weed.

Sure can.  Crabgrass is a annual grassy weed.  This means that it is a grass-like weed which dies every fall and then grows again the next spring from its millions of seeds.  Our program breaks the cycle by applying a highly potent pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring.  This kills the crabgrass as it is germinating.  For new customers that sign with us after May 1st we can treat your crabgrass later by spraying it with liquid herbicide during a vulnerable point in the early summer.