Fertilizers For Your Indiana Lawn and Landscape

Just like us, your landscape and lawn needs food - good food. Get the best from Galbraith's

Selecting the Right Fertilizer for Your Lawn or Garden

Plants require balanced food, filled with lots of nutrition to help them grow strong, produce healthy blooms and fruit. Some plants like high nitrogen garden fertilizers, some like low nitrogen fertilizers. Some plants want to be fed weekly; some only need to be fed once a year. Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care offers a broad selection of plant and lawn fertilizer options, including the same fertilizers that we apply with our Professional Lawn Care Program and now offer to our customers.

Visit our garden center and one of Galbraith’s professional staff will help you in selecting the perfect food for your lawn or landscape.

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Landscape Plants

Sure, most landscape plants will survive without regular lawn fertilization. However, they will not normally reach their full potential. Regular “feeding” will help your trees and shrubs grow to full size, live longer, and have a more attractive appearance. Also, the best defense against insect, disease, and other problems is a vigorously growing, well-fed plant.  Speak to us about setting up an easy-to-follow fertilization plan so your landscape is the talk of the block.

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Lawn and Turf

Fertilization is one of the most basic and important components of lawn maintenance.  To grow green and healthy, your lawn depends on high-quality fertilizer and regular feedings. When applied at the right times, a high-quality lawn fertilizer gives turf essential nutrients that help it grow thick and resist environmental stresses, weeds and pests.

Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care professionals look forward to helping you setup a personalized fertilizer program for your lawn.  Or we can do it for you with our Professional 6-Step Lawn Care Program.  Either way Galbraith’s is here to help you.

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Veggies and Specialty

With the help of our staff, you can learn how to match fertilizer amounts with plants’ needs for your climate and soil. Roses, berries, tomatoes, herbs, and annual grown in our area respond to special fertilizing techniques, but most plants grow well if you simply mix a balanced fertilizer into the soil as you set out the plants. Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care want to help you determine the best method for feeding your favorite plants and vegetables.