Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Service Overview

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they also pose substantial health risks to you, your family and guests. Occurrences of diseases such as Zika Virus, Encephalitis and West Nile Virus (just to name a few) are increasing as mosquito populations rise and transmit these infections.

You may think that not much can be done about mosquitoes other than spraying repellents on your skin, wearing long sleeves or staying indoors all summer.  But, there is actually an effective and safe mosquito control strategy that is both fast acting and long-lasting.  Galbraith’s Mosquito Control Program allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor living areas again!

Mosquitoes spend most of their life either waiting for a meal or trying to shelter themselves. They sit for hours in landscape plantings or protective structures like the undersides of decks. At dusk they venture out of their hiding areas in search of the carbon dioxide being exhaled by people nearby.  Once they find a potential host then they begin to move in to feed.

However, mosquitoes are very weak fliers, needing to touch down and rest every 5-10 feet, landing once again on these surfaces. This creates a great opportunity for our mosquito control services to do their job for weeks after treatment.


mosquito control program

Our Mosquito Control Program begins working immediately to reduce mosquito populations in your yard and keeps working for weeks to give you long-lasting protection.
$ 55 Service Starts At:
  • Begins Working Immediately to Reduce Populations
  • Special Polymer Layer that Protects Active Ingredients for Weeks of Protection
  • Treat Stagnant Pools of Water where Mosquitoes Lay their Eggs
  • No Contract Service, Cancel Anytime

Our mosquito control services work in 4 steps

We conduct a thorough inspection and customize a treatment plan that identifies mosquito hiding places and breeding spots.

Our treatment begins working immediately to reduce the mosquito population by more than 90%.  We also treat stagnant water areas that can act as incubation chambers for thousands of new mosquitoes.

Our treatments contain a zone of protection that eliminates both adult and larval mosquitoes for weeks.

Properly timed monthly applications keep mosquitoes down and outdoor enjoyment up all through the season.