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core aeration

$ 100 Services Starting At:
  • Standard Core Aeration Service

core aeration + Overseeding

$ 140 Services Starting At:
  • Standard Core Aeration Service
  • Application of Premium Quality Grass Seed
  • Select From One of Our Quality Bulk Seed Mixes

Your lawn is where your life unfolds. Yet, during the process, your soil and grass take a beating. From children and pets playing to parked vehicles and heavy rainfall, soil gets compacted and thatch builds up over time. As a result, grass roots start to suffocate and can’t get the nutrients they need to grow and flourish. But with aeration from Galbraith’s, you can open up your lawn again – and help it breathe and thrive.

Are you noticing puddles of water that aren’t getting absorbed? Does grass look thin and weak despite adequate watering and fertilizing? At Galbraith’s, we know these are both common signs that soil is compacted and aeration is in order. Likewise, lawns with clay soil or that have vehicles parked regularly on them tend to get compacted easily and may require aeration more often. Another way to tell if you have compacted soil is with the screwdriver test. Just stick a screwdriver into your soil. If it’s a serious struggle, your lawn needs to be aerated.

Aeration is the process of loosening up your soil so oxygen and other essentials can flow more freely into it. But not all aeration methods are created equal. If you want the most thorough, longest lasting results, use core aeration. This method relies on a core aeration machine to extract small, evenly spaced plugs of soil, grass, and thatch around your lawn. This helps to:

  • Strengthen grass roots
  • Enhance the effectiveness of fertilization
  • Improve the ability for your lawn to absorb heat
  • Provide for more efficient water absorption

As a result, in the weeks and months after aeration, you can expect to see a healthier, thicker lawn.


We can do the service any time of the year but the optimum window for core aeration services is best done in the early fall.  When we do services we want you to receive the most benefit for your dollar.  That is why we almost always recommend core aeration and overseeding services in the fall.

This is a question that is highly dependent upon the condition of your soil. Any newly installed lawn should be aerated and overseeded for each of the first three years. After this period it is based on the condition of the lawn and the weather during the summer. If there is a drought or the lawn looks less then ideal then we will recommend a core aeration.

With a standard core aeration nothing needs to be done on your part after we service the property. But, if you choose to do an overseeding during the aeration then you must water the lawn daily for up to 3 weeks after service to allow the new grass seed to germinate. If water cannot be applied after service there is a moderate chance that the new seeding could fail.