Bulk Grass Seed Mixes Selected For Indiana Lawns

Have your lawn stand out in a good way with top quality grass seed from Galbraith's Landscaping and Lawn Care

Beautiful Lawns Get Noticed

We’ll help you stand out for the right reasons. As a landscaping and lawn care leader for more than 65 years, Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care knows how to transform a lawn. Our quality turf seed products are known to produce beautiful lawns that you’ll take pride in and create curb appeal that adds value.

The Science is in the Seed
Growing lush, green turf with the “wrong” seed is like growing an apple tree from pumpkin seed – no amount of effort will give you the desired result.  Earth Carpet brand of grass seed mixtures from Galbraith’s brings a revolutionary approach from years cultivating the right seeds for the right conditions.

Bulk Grass Seed
Only Have a Small Project, Or Putting in a Whole Yard, We have the Right Amount of Grass Seed For Your Project

Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care is proud to provide our customers with quality grass seed mixes in bags of any size up to 50lb. Bring in the square footage you are planning on seeding and one of our garden center professionals will get you the correct amount of grass seed for your project. No more having excess seed rotting in your garage after your project is finished.

Select From One of Our Quality Mixes

Blue Carpet Lawn Seed

Blue Carpet

A combination of top performing cool season Kentucky bluegrass varieties, Blue Carpet will provide a lush, dense, dark green carpet of “fairway quality” turf.

  • A “fairway quality” blend with a “sod-look”
  • Provides a lush, dense, intense dark green turf
  • Responds best to medium to high maintenance
  • Ideal for golf course tees, fairways or fine home lawns
Care Free Lawn Seed


This special blend was created specifically for those areas where low maintenance is a must such as steep hillsides, deep roughs on golf courses, RV parks, cabins, or planting with wild flowers.

  • Perfect for difficult to manage sites
  • Thrives in infertile, dry, neglected soil or deep shade
  • Thrives in infertile, dry, neglected soil or deep shade
  • Ideal for hillsides, deep roughs, RV parks and cabins
Champion Lawn Seed


Developed especially for renovation of athletic fields and other high traffic areas.

  • Excellent performance blend of perennial ryegrasses
  • Provides durable turf with Gray Leaf Spot (GLS) tolerance
  • Improved genetic color, fine texture and mowability
  • Ideal for renovating athletic fields and high traffic areas
Choice Lawn Seed

Choice Sun and Shade

Choice Sun & Shade turf mix is designed to perform in all locations from full sun to partial shade. Perfect for landscaping demands by using improved varieties which are more heat and drought tolerant. Its versatility has made it our most popular mixture.

  • Excellent for new lawns or upgrading existing turf
  • Ideal for areas needing improved shade tolerance
  • Fast establishment and strong winter survival
Green Resistor Seed

Green Resistor

This blend of excellent turf-type tall fescue varieties allows the turf to stay green during periods of heat, drought and disease stress, especially during Brown Patch season.

  • Tolerates heat and drought
  • Excellent disease resistance – especially brown patch
  • Can stay green where rainfall or irrigation is limited
  • Low maintenance, high quality
  • Ideal for golf course fairways or homes
Shady Place Lawn Seed

Shady Place

Ultimate choice for light to dense shade. Shady Place grows vigorously, and adapts to a wide variety of soil types and moisture conditions.

  • Provides an even transition from shaded to full sun
  • Great for revitalizing “thinned out” shaded areas
  • Greens up quickly in spring
  • Ideal for home lawns with moderate to densely shaded areas
Sunny Place Lawn Seed

Sunny Place

Excellent turf choice for sunny lawn projects on a budget. Sunny Place turf mix establishes fast and produces a dark green, fine-bladed lawn.

  • Combines quality turf grass seed mix with long-term persistence
  • Winter-hardy varieties for use in Northern areas
  • Great for overseeding thinned areas
  • Ideal for home lawns and commercial landscapes
Survivor Lawn Seed


Specially formulated for athletic fields and playgrounds looking for an economical seed choice. This highly stress tolerant mix thrives under constant use and requires minimal care. Survivor thrives in full sun or light shade.

  • Thrives even under constant use
  • Highly stress tolerant and requires minimal care
  • Ideal for fields or difficult to maintain sites