Lawn Care And Weed Control Program

Fort Wayne Lawn Fertilization

Service Overview

Our Lawn Care & Weed Control Program is based on a simple approach, great lawns need more than just watering and cutting.

In order to maintain a beautiful lawn, nutrients are needed to allow the grass to become lush and strong. Galbraith’s offers premier lawn fertilization services proven to help your lawn reach the perfect level of softness and strength. We offer a comprehensive lawn care program designed to provide the right nutrients, in the right quantities at the right time.

The main component of our professional lawn care program is fertilization. Turf grass by its nature is fast growing. That means that it quickly uses nutrients and micro-nutrients from the soil during a regular growing season. To maintain your soil’s nutrient level for optimum turf growth, it requires supplements to be added.

Our lawn applications are applied regularly depending on weather conditions. If you don’t see visible results within 30 days after an application, let us know. We offer free service calls for your convenience and satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Lawn Care Company

Choosing a lawn care company that suits your specific needs and treats you as they would want to be treated will save you time, money, and hassle throughout the growing season. Don’t get caught up in price alone. Often times low price means low service. That is when choosing between Galbraith’s and another company to treat your property, please consider the follow advantages of working with us:

  • Galbraith’s has been in the landscape / lawn care industry for over 68 years
  • Galbraith’s is local. Which means – NO CALL CENTERS – Someone assists you immediately.
  • No high pressure sales tactics. We prefer to advise our potential customers about their needs, not force them into needless services.
  • Top quality products applied. Many companies will apply products because they are the cheapest, not because they are the safest or most effective.
  • State certified and properly trained applicators that can diagnose potential issues before they become serious problems.

4 Service Options

Gold Lawn Care Package



Lawn Treatments


Gold Packages Begin At:

$ 329 per year*

Experience Fort Wayne’s Best Fertilization & Weed Control Program

*5000ft2 Property

Platinum Lawn Care Package



Lawn Treatments


Platinum Packages Begin At:

$ 420 per year*

Get the best bang-for-your-buck by combining our top-notch lawn care program with Fort Wayne’s best aeration service.

*5000ft2 Property

Diamond Lawn Care Package



Lawn Treatments


Diamond Packages Begin At:

$ 476 per year*

Be the envy of the neighborhood!  Combining the highest quality grass seed selections used in the area with our special blends of fertilizers and herbicides will keep the neighbors asking you “What’s Your Secret?”

*5000ft2 Property

Economy Lawn Care Package



Lawn Treatments


Economy Packages Begin At:

$ 229 per year*

Have a large property? Just wanting the weeds gone?  We have a package for you!  Customize your services the way you want to keep your lawn happy and healthy!

*5000ft2 Property Priced With 4 Treatment Minimum

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Popular Questions

Every property is different.  You can setup any amount of applications you want to.  By taking advantage of our Economy Package you have control over what applications your property receives.  But, if you are looking to maximize your lawn’s potential we highly recommend using one our full service packages.

No. You do not have to be home when we do a treatment. We do call or email you the day before service to let you know we are going to be on your property the next day. We knock on the door to let you know that we are there before we begin on your property. Then when we are completed, we will put notification flags the front and back yards and leave a time stamped statement on your door. This statement is left to let you know what we did that day and communicate any information about issues we may have noticed.

No.  Our applications are timed automatically to be done about every 30-45 days.  This is the optimum window for reapplication of fertilizer that gives the lawn maximum results with the minimum chance of over-fertilization.  If for any reason you feel that a service is needed before the next schedule visit, you can always contact us for a free service call.