Grub Control

Grub Control

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Grub Prevention

One of our most highly recommended services is our grub prevention treatment. We apply our grub control product in the summer to stop your grub problem before it even begins. To understand how this product works, you have to understand the Grubs lifecycle. Grubs are the offspring of beetles that lay their eggs in the root system of your turf during the summer. These grubs hatch in late August/early September and begin feeding on the roots until the cold weather drives them two to eight inches deeper into the soil where they overwinter. When warm weather arrives in the spring, the grubs move up from the lower soil regions and feed near the surface until they become mature and develop into beetles through early June. Applying our grub control treatment in the summer between the time they begin mating and the time their eggs hatch prevents the next generation of grubs from existing in your lawn to being with. We guarantee this service for a full year!

Grub Killer

Have grubs already damaged your turf? Our Grub Killer application will stop them from doing any further damage. We apply a curative grub application to your lawn which will eliminate active grubs in the soil. This is usually done in early spring or late fall and requires that you water your lawn for 60 minutes in the areas that we have treated. It will usually take up to 48 hours for grubs to die after this application has been completed. We recommend waiting at least a week before you do any kind of slit-seeding application to the affected areas. This service is guaranteed for 60 days! If by some strange circumstance you still have damage being caused by grubs we will return and reapply FREE of charge.

grub prevention service

Prevent Damage Before it Happens
$ 45 Service Starts At:
  • Provides One Year of Protection
  • Save You Thousands of Dollars in Damage Control
  • Service Done in Early Summer
  • Guaranteed 1 Year

grub elimination service

Stop Grub Damage ASAP
$ 50 Service Starts At:
  • Kills Active Grubs Within 48hrs of Treatment
  • Allows Reseeding Within One Week
  • Guaranteed


Unfortunately grubs are subterranean insects.  They can feed under the soil for weeks causing irreparable damage to a lawn before you even notice the first symptoms. 
Grubs feed on the roots of the grass.  So, when the weather is wet and cool the lawn is still may stay lush and green.  But, as soon as the weather warms or we have a few days without rain large areas of the lawn can die off within hours because all of its roots are gone.  That is why prevention is a far safer path to take with grubs.
Once damage is noticed, gently pull up on the grass at the edges of the dead areas.  If the grass comes up in chunks then you have a grub infestation.  You may even see several of the pests just below the patch you pulled up. 

Yes and no.  Yes, you have missed the window that would provide you with the best results.  No, a late prevention is still better than none at all.