Annuals And Seasonal Plants For Indiana Gardeners

Make your garden more colorful with annuals and seasonal plants from Galbraith's Landscaping and Lawn Care

Selecting Your Annuals and Seasonal Plants

Galbraith’s offers a wide selection of annuals and seasonal plants throughout the year. Annuals are plants that last for only one growing season while seasonal plants are planted during certain seasons before they bloom and can come back year after year. Flowering bulbs, mums, hanging baskets, and bedding plants add brilliant color and rich texture to any yard, outdoor garden, or container garden. Galbraith’s Landscaping and Lawn Care has all the common annuals you love like petunias, impatiens, daisies, and geraniums, as well as more rare and surprising varieties. We carry a popular offering of spring blooming bulbs like daffodils and hyacinths that get spring started on a colorful start.  And we offer a wide selection of ornamental kale and late blooming fall mums to end the season with a bang.

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Different areas of the garden often receive different amounts of water.  That is why it’s important to choose plants that can thrive in dryer areas or be prepared to water your garden with higher frequency. Remember that soil absorbs water better when it’s delivered slowly. Especially when planting in the clay soils of Indiana, keep in mind the amount water your new plants will require.

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Get to know the natural light patterns in your yard by watching the sun’s movements across your garden for several days or a full week. This will impact what perennials will grow best in different areas of your garden. You’ll want to choose plants that thrive in full sun, eight hours or more of light, for areas that receive direct sunlight all day while areas with less direct sun will require plants that thrive in partial sun or shade.

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The best part of creating the garden of your dreams is exploring annuals and bulbs for your preference of color, texture, and fragrance. Spend time wandering Galbraith’s Garden Center to discover new and different options for your garden. Have fun picking the annuals and seasonal plants that inspire and energize your love of gardening.