D.I.Y Installation Program

DIY Landscaping Service

Service Overview

Our DIY Landscape Program was setup for our cost conscience customers who had the physical ability to do their own landscaping but didn’t have the knowledge or creative knack to pull it off themselves.  It is a simple 5-step process where our designers work to craft a plan and then implement it with the homeowners providing the labor to complete the project.  This gives our customers the professionally designed landscape they have been dreaming of while saving thousands of dollars on the project. 


This program can save you more than 75% of your costs on a landscape project.  The labor for the design, delivery, and layout of your project can run as little as $100 depending on the extent of your design.  As always when we design your landscape the plan is yours once the project is complete.

When our landscape team and designer arrive they spot the plants throughout the landscape as detailed in the design to allow the proper spacing between plants.  They then use a sod cutter to layout the beds to their correct size and shape.  From that point the only thing left to do is dig the plants in at the exact spot where they are placed in the design and fill the beds with the supplied soil and mulch. 

Our plants are still guaranteed.  But, since we are not doing the labor to plant the landscape the guarantee would be the same as any of our garden center sales.  One year at 1/2 the cost for all hardy plants.