Low Voltage Night Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Service Overview

Why Choose Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting From Galbraith’s?

Focal points during the day now stand out and become more visible. Textures not seen in daylight now have eye-catching detail. Architectural features of the home can be accented, which brings the home and landscape together to create a resort-like feel.


Landscape lighting enjoyably extends the time spent outdoors. Now patios, pools and children’s play areas become entertainment venues, or just relaxing places to unwind.

Safe Passage:

Hazards such as steps, low-hanging or thorny vegetation, abrupt elevation changes or toys in a walkway can be avoided with properly placed landscape lighting. Even though property owners know their way around, guests may not.


It is a proven fact that a well-lit landscape will deter potential intruders by eliminating dark areas and shadows that would conceal movement around the property. Landscape lighting also allows the homeowner and neighbors to see and identify potential intruders.


From a personally pleasing perspective, landscape lighting not only brings the property to life, it brings life to the property. From a practical perspective, professionally installed landscape lighting provides an excellent return on investment, because it creates a marvelous first impression when viewed by family and friends or possible prospective buyers.


We use only the highest quality transformers, light fixtures, timers, and bulbs available. Our lifetime guaranteed stainless steel transformers convert your 110v outlets into a 12v power center and allow us to design a scalable low-voltage lighting system. These systems provide the same amount of light as 110v fixtures but at a substantial energy savings. We use only Vista & Kitchler LED & halogen lighting fixtures that stand the test of time. Our timers automatically reset themselves every night to give you consistent lighting all year round without ever resetting a timer. The bulbs we use are the most energy efficient and durable bulbs on the market today. These top of the line products in combination with our creative and visionary designs and our professional installation will enhance your landscape experience for years to come.

Already Have a Low Voltage Lighting System?

Low Voltage Lighting Maintenance Service

A yearly service that keeps your lighting system in its peak condition.
$ 100 Per Year Cost Starting At:
  • Replace or Repair Light Fixtures and Bulbs
  • Adjusts Fixture Positions to Allow for Plant Growth
  • Cleans Light Lenses and Transformer Boxes
  • Replaces Battery Backup
  • 1 Free Emergency Visit per Year


Our standard lighting systems generally have a 15 year warranty on the fixtures and a lifetime warranty on our transformers.  We do offer some cost conscience selections that have a lower upfront cost but do not have nearly the protection on the back end.  These lesser quality fixtures or transformers generally only come with a one year warranty. 

LED fixtures are far superior to their halogen cousins.  Halogen fixtures generally produce a lot of heat when they are lit.  This greatly increases the power consumption of these fixtures when compared to LED.  Currently we can light 8 – 10 LED’s for the same power consumption of 1 halogen fixture. 
Halogen bulbs also are very susceptible to moisture damage.  This means if any water penetrates the fixture it will burn out the lamp quickly.  LED’s are sealed at the factory and water cannot penetrate the fixture.

Generally we can run a full 12-15 light system for about the same energy as one 100 watt post light would run.  Less than $20 per month.