Landscape Bed Maintenance

Landscape Bed Maintenance

Service Overview

Bed Enlargement And Remulching Is The Least Expensive And Most Beneficial Way To Make A Landscape Look New Again.

Every year as spring approaches homeowners are looking out their windows and  are busily planning their outdoor projects when the weather warms. 

One very important aspect most homeowners often overlook with concern to their landscaping is the mulch beds.  On average wood mulch loses about 1/2” of material each year to decomposition.  If left to decompose, the mulch no longer provides the many benefits it was installed for.  In a maintained landscape 1/2 in. of mulch should be added yearly, to maintain a proper depth of 3”. 

If you think that your mulch is looking thin and faded, now is the time to call us and have us quote you an Edging & Remulch job.   We will come and edge the beds to provide the proper separation between the grass and landscape plants.  We then will add new fine-shredded wood mulch to either simply revive the fresh crisp color to the beds, or thicken the depth of the mulch to properly retain moisture and insulate the landscape.

We have also formed partnerships with several Realtors in the area to quickly and economically add several thousands of dollars to an asking price by performing the above services. If you are currently selling your home, or planning on selling, contact your Realtor and ask if he/she is one of our preferred referrers. If they are not, then they can easily become one by contacting us.

Bed Maintenance Options

Weeding Beds & Cleanup Landscape beds that have not been attended to for some times will need the weeds treated and debris removed before mulching in order to keep them under control going forward.
Pruning Plants From light tip pruning to major cut backs, your landscape plants can always use some professional attention during our bed maintenance services.
Edging Beds We use professional bed edging equipment to give even the most distressed landscape beds the crisp, clean look of a brand new landscape.
Mulch Installation Choose from several types and colors of high quality mulches in order to brighten up and define the newly cleaned and edged beds.


Early spring is generally the best time to have your beds refreshed.  That way you can enjoy them for the entire season.  We can also apply a pre-emergent herbicide that will help prevent many of the common weeds generally found in landscape beds. But, you can have us do a cleanup and edging anytime of the year that you feel the landscape could use a pick-me-up.

Generally it takes about 3-4 hours for a full cleanup, edging, and mulching.  But that can change depending on how large your property is.

It depends a lot on how busy we are and how the weather behaves.  Generally in our busy season of May and June it may be 3 weeks.  But, if you can decide before April or after July it is usually one to two weeks.