Mulch & Soil Calculator

Never Overestimate Mulch Again. Find Your Square Footage And The Calculator Does The Rest

Enter the Total Area You Want To Mulch:  square feet

Desired Depth of Mulch:  inches

Galbraith's Generally Recommends 3-4 Inches Of Mulch

Total Cubic Yards Needed:  

Formulas For Determining Total Area

Rectangle: Total Area = (Length) X (Width)

Circle: Total Area = (Pi, 3.14) X (Radius Squared)

Triangle: Total Area = (1/2) X (Length of Base) X (Length of Height)

Additional Information

1 Cubic Yard = 9 Three Cubic Foot Bags Or 13.5 Two Cubic Foot Bags

If Calculator Says You Need 6 Cubic Yards, Then You Would Need 54 Three Cubic Foot Bags or 81 Two Cubic Foot Bags To Complete Your Project

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