Fall Leaf Cleanup To Curb

Leaf Cleanup Service

2023 Fall Leaf Collections Begins In

Service Overview

Galbraith’s Landscaping & Lawn Care provides total leaf removal service for homeowners’ lawns and business owners’ properties. Fort Wayne is known for its large beautiful trees and stunning fall foliage. As fall arrives, these large trees create a large piles of leaves in your lawn that if not removed may damage your lawn. Galbraith’s can quickly remove leaves from your lawn and landscape to save you both time, money and the life of your lawn.

Removing leaves from your lawn and landscape can be a daunting task for homeowners and business owners. Between piling and raking the leaves, bagging your lawn’s leaves and then finding an appropriate leaf disposal, you will have put in an entire day’s work to complete Our Fall Leaf Cleanup To Curb Service lets you enjoy the beauty of the fall leaves without having to rake, bag, and remove them from your lawn. We will quickly provide you with an estimate for the job, and schedule your service around your schedule.

The Fall Leaf Cleanup To Curb Service is the most common service we provide. Our crews move all leaves on the property to an area of your choice ie: woods, street curb.. This is a great choice for customers who participate in Fort Wayne’s Neighborhood Leaf Collection Program.

Our Fall Leaf Cleanup To Curb Service is available to be scheduled between November 1st and Christmas.

Fast & Efficient Service

All of our leaf collection services are time based. We record the time spent on the property and you only have to pay for the time it took to clean your lawn. No more overpaying for easy cleanups.

Great For Large Lawns

Our equipment is designed to move massive amounts of leaves in a very short amount of time. Have us clean that lawn and free up your weekend for fun.

Safer For Elderly or Ailing

Moving leaves can be very stressful on a body. Don't risk yourself or a family members health. Call us to clean up a parent or homebound family member's lawn for them. Makes a great pre-Christmas gift.

Fall leaf cleanup to curb service

Have Galbraith's Move All Those Leaves For You
$ 198 Service Starts At:
  • Clean Leaves From Landscape Beds
  • Remove Leaves From Lawn
  • Pile at Curb for City Leaf Pickup
  • If Outside of City, We Can Pile In Woods Or Burn Piles For You
  • Charged Based on Time - Prorated After 1st Hour