Our Warranty Information

We carry the highest quality plants available. But, Sometimes things Happen and we are here to cover it.

All hardy trees and shrubs (excluding roses) purchased from our garden center, and not planted by Galbraith’s have a warranty of 50% of purchase price for a period of 1 year and 25% the second year.

All trees and shrubs (excluding roses) purchased from our garden center, and planted by Galbraith’s have a warranty of 100% of purchase price, not including labor costs, for a period of 1 year and 25% the second year.

All trees and shrubs (excluding roses) purchased through a landscape installation have a warranty of 100% of purchase price, not including labor cost, for a period of 1 year and 25% the second year.


All roses purchased from Galbraith’s are warranted to survive and bloom until October 1st of the year purchased.

All roses purchased from Galbraith’s after October 1st are not warranted.

Exchanges Only, If Available. If same variety is not available then store credit will be issued.

1. That our plants are true to name.
2. That our plants are healthy when they leave our possession.

1. The purchaser’s gardening abilities and / or plant knowledge. (ex. over-watered plants, plants not planted according to our guidelines.)

2. Damage that occurs as a result of extremes of weather (ex. Drought, Flood, Ice Storm, Wind, Hail Damage).

3. Animal or insect damage

4. Trees, shrubs, or perennials that have been planted into another container and not into the ground.

5. That plants will flower and/or bear fruit.

6. Neglected plants (ex. Lack of Water).

7. Vandalism or Accidental Damage (ex. Weed Killer, Lawn Mower, Car Tire)

8. Annuals, Mums, Bulbs, Seeds, and Sod Are Not Warranted.

9.  In order for the plant to be returned for warranty it must be truly dead.  We reserve the right to refuse any attempted returns where the plant is showing signs of life.  These signs of life can include the following. (Leaves still on the plant, unopened buds that have yet to open. Green stem tissue under bark surface, Live and viable root systems, and growth starting from below soil grade.)  Our warranty is for plants that have perished, not for plants where the owner dislikes the quality of the plant.

10. Warranty is void if customer provides false information.



No Warranty Without Original Sales Receipt.  In some instances we can assist you with looking up a previous sales receipt as long as you contact us within 30 days of purchase date.  Cancelled checks or copies of credit card charges are not acceptable.

Replacement value is equal to the original purchase price only. Sale items are warranted from the sale price paid, not the full retail price.

Warranty is on original plant only and will be credited only one time.

All tree and shrub warranty claims will be applied as garden center credit only.  This can be applied to a gift card for later use.  NO CASH, CHECK, OR CREDIT CARD REFUNDS.

A our standard labor fee will be charged on all trees and shrubs replaced by Galbraith’s outside of the labor guarantee date window.

If Galbraith’s disposes of any dead trees or shrubs at the time of replacement, a disposal fee can also be charged.

Planting and installation labor is warranted for all tree and shrub plantings for a period of 30 days from date planting.  Any replacements after the 30 day period will incur our standard labor charges.

If a newly planted tree or shrub leans or shifts after planting and staking by Galbraith’s we will schedule a no charge return visit to straighten said tree.  If the tree or shrub leaning was not staked by Galbraith’s then the owner will be incur our standard labor service charge to return and adjust the trees or shrubs.

The dead tree/shrub must be returned to our garden center accompanied with a sales receipt for a return to be processed.  If the tree/shrub is too large to be brought in to the garden center the sales receipt must be accompanied with photos of the dead plant.  These photos must show the tree/shrub from a distance and also several close pictures to properly show that the tree is truly dead.

At that time the customer can select any other item of equal or lesser value to substitute for the lost plant.  Any selections over the original sales price will have the difference charged at time of swap.  If planting by Galbraith’s is required and is outside the guaranteed 30 day grace period then the labor to replace the dead plant will be charged to install the new plant.

Plant credits may be used to purchase plants or merchandise in the garden store. 

If a customer requests an on-site visit by Galbraith’s to look at dead/dying tree or shrub there will be a $50 service charge billed to the customer.