Planting Instructions

Follow These Instructions Will Give Your New Tree or Shrub The Best Chance Of Thriving.

Dig the planting hole. The hole should be dug at a depth so that 1/8 of the rootball will sit above the ground. Planting trees and shrubs too deep is a major cause of plant death. The hole should be 12" wider than the rootball for shrubs and 18" wider than the rootball for trees.

Shrub Planting

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Prepare a soil mixture. Add one shovelful of topsoil or compost for every shovelful of dirt removed from the hole. Mix thoroughly.

If the plant is in a pot: Remove the plant carefully from its pot by laying it on its side and lightly tapping the sides of the container. Gently slide the plant out of the pot sideways.  If pot is still tight, use a utility knife and cut the pot away.   Always handle the plant by its rootball.  Use a sharp knife to make slits down the sides of the rootball. This will help the root system to grow into the existing soil.  DO NOT PULL THE ROOTBALL APART.

If the plant is balled: Roll the plant into the hole. Never drop the rootball because it may damage the roots. Cut the rope away from the top of the rootball, after the plant is in the hole. Make sure the plant is standing straight. Fill the hole with the soil mixture. Pack down the soil as the hole is being filled. Do not put soil on top of the rootball.

Tree Planting

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Mulch around the base of the plant. The mulch should be 2-3" deep, but no more than 3". Do not pile mulch around the trunk (like a tepee or volcano).  If you are using stone for your landscape beds,  put the 2-3" of mulch on first, then add your fabric and stone.  Do not cover with only stone.

To stake a tree: Hammer a stake or fence post into the ground about 6" beyond the edge of the hole. Run a rope or guy wire through a section of hose, a section of garden hose works great.  Attach the rope or wire tightly to the support.  Continue hammering the stake or post until the rope or wire is tight.   Remove the stakes in 6 months or in 12 months if the location is windy.

Water the plant thoroughly following our instructions in the Plant Care Section.

Prune out any broken branches. Remove labels and tags.