Existing Landscape redesign & Renovation

A Newly Renovated Landscape Averages A Return On Investment of 258% For Home Sellers According To A HomeGain Survey of 1000 Realtors.*

      We know that real estate is usually the largest single investment made in a lifetime. Appreciation of value will occur naturally over time. However, a landscape that has not been properly maintained or one that initially, was poorly designed will detract from one's property value.

We'll evaluate what portions of your landscape that are currently adding value aesthetically and are beneficial to your property. Taking these viable elements, we will incorporate them into a revised, updated landscape design. Many times just by removing a few overgrown shrubs and replacing them with new plants that are more appropriate for the area or that add more aesthetic value.  By doing this, your landscape will have a fresh rejuvenated look for years to come. Landscape renovation requires proper planning so that your landscape will thrive in the years ahead. As always, our proper planning and execution of good landscape design for your home or business will increase in value over time. Renovation

Key Benefits

  • > Breath new life into your home's outdoor appearance

  • > Usually is the least expensive home improvement project you can do for your home with the most immediate impact

  • > Less pruning maintenance required for new plantings

  • > See out windows previously hidden by overgrown shrubs

  • > Security enhancement for you home by removing hiding places for criminals

  • > If selling your home, a renovated landscape adds curb appeal thus allowing you to compete with newer homes on the market

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* HomeGain 2011 Home Improvement National Survey: HomeGain.com