Lawn mowing services

Lawn mowing is the most crucial part to maintaining your lawn's health and appearance.  It is also the first impression your visitors and neighbors see of you and your home.  Why not have one of Fort Wayne's most trusted names in landscaping maintain your lawn for you.

Most importantly we cut at a proper height that will allow the grass plants to grow deeper more viable roots.  When grass has a better root system, it allows the lawn to remain greener longer through dry periods and prevents many common lawn weeds from developing.  When properly mowed by us, your lawn can do all this on its own while requiring less watering and maintenance from you .     Lawn Mowing

We also utilize some of the best tools in the trade.  Our mowers are equipt with floating decks that eliminate unsightly lawn scalping that often occurs on hills and edges.  Also, our mower blades are always sharp.  By sharpening our blades so regularly,  we are able to give you a superior cut every time.  When we edge your lawn we use an actual lawn edger to give you the most crisp line between turf and hardscapes. 

Above all this, the most important thing that we can provide our customers is communication.  If we see something that needs attention then we will address it with you.  Many times it is something simple, such as taking the time to explain about watering frequency.  Or sometimes it can be something that can really damage a lawn if left unchecked, such as noticing and identifying a grub worm infestation.  Whatever it might be we will let you know about it.  We have been in business for more than 60 years and still follow the golden rule.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  We will not leave your property until we are proud enough to call it our own. 

We at Galbraith's know that each property we work on is as individual as the customer who owns it.  So we offer several options to customize our services to match the expectations and budgets from each of our customers.  We will mow any size of property, whether your lawn is smaller than your patio or you have one that takes all day to mow.  Our prices start at $35/cut and go up from there.  Give us a call to schedule a quote for your lawn today!

 If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to see what we can do for you, then click here to request a