EZ Lighting Kit

Electrify and enhance the appearance of your fountain in the evening hours with the new EZ Fountain Lighting System from Massarelli’s. The EZ Fountain Lighting System also saves energy and extends the life of the bulb with LED technology unlike other lighting kits for fountains that require a transformer and cord for each light in the fountain, Massarelli’s has developed an easy to install system of LED lighting using a single line concept which eliminates numerous electrical cords and the need for a complicated electrical installation.



All kits consist of 7 basic components:

*An AC Adapter from your power source with a run ending cord cap

*A Main Lead Cable from AC Adapter to the individual lights

*Jumper Cables for multi-tiered fountains

*LED lights of various sizes based on the individual fountain kit

*Two Hole Cord Seal

*Waterproof Adhesive

*Silicone adhesive.

Individual custom kits can be designed from these basic components by adding additional jumper cables and lights as needed.

Massarelli Fountains that fit this EZ Light Kit:

3440 – Two Tier Large Grecian Lady Fountain  3459 – Two Tier Distressed Scroll Fountain

3560 – Tranquillity Sphere Fountain – 36″  3561 – Classic Lion Head Fountain

3601 – Two Tier Parlor Fountain  3620 – Two Tier Lady of the Arbor Fountain

3624 – Three Tier Harvest Fountain  3628 – Three Tier Sonoma Fountain

3726 – Two Tier Boca Hex Fountain  3727 – Two Tier Boca Round Fountain

3745 – Two Tier Cortona Fountain  3776 – Opal Octagonal Fountain

3782 – Two Tier Charlotte Fountain  3820 – Two Tier Lane Fountain

3850 – Two Tier Fluted Pineapple Fountain

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