Four LED Light Kit with Rubber Stopper

The AB874LR Henri Four-light Kit is effective and unique. It includes four underwater LED lights, ideal for a number of popular Henri fountains, including the Classic Lion, Regal Tower, Lion and Planter Pillar Fountains, and those featuring Palazzo and Toscana Pools as well. In addition, the four lights provide extra versatility in ponds and other water features and fountains.




    Safe, low-voltage UL-approved underwater lighting

    Outdoor-rated transformer

    Adjustable locking beam with weighted base

    10-watt LED illumination

    Extra-long cord length of 20 feet

    Interchangeable color lenses

Included in the kit is a two-hole rubber stopper, which provides a seal for the fountain, while at the same time, guides pump and lighting cabling through the bottom of the fountain.

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