Campania Fountain Refill Kit #10

One of the most prevalent complaints about fountains is the daily maintenance requirement to refill fountains as a result of water loss due to splash or evaporation. Campania is proud to provide a solution for this issue- its fountain auto refill device. Easy to install, this device maintains a fountain’s water level at a constant height allowing homeowners to keep fountains running without worry.



Our fountain auto refill kit includes everything a homeowner requires to quickly automate the fountain refilling process.

The kit includes

*Float valve on a sturdy concrete base

*Custom stopper for Campania fountains

*Clear tubing

*Pressure relief garden hose or spigot connection

*Detailed instructions

The small fountain refill unit is placed in the lowest basin of a Campania fountain. The homeowner sets the device to the desired height. From there, the clear tube is inserted through the special fountain stopper and connected to a garden hose or spigot. The water is then turned on and the valve in the unit actuates when the water level drops below the set height. A simple and quick fix.

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