Chelsea Garden Glow Fountain

The Chelsea Garden Glow Fountain has a flame shaped finial where the water flows up through a LED light and over six spills to return to the bird bath style bowl to recirculate.



Height: 42″
Width: 22.5″
Base Diameter: 10″ HEX
Material: Cast Stone
Finish Shown In: Classic Iron
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Common Freight Carrier

Winter Care: Protect all fountains from freezing and thawing. Cast stone, is slightly porous, which can allow small amounts of moisture to absorb into the surface of the fountain. If this moisture freezes, it can cause small cracks or chips. The fountain may be left in freezing weather, provided it is dry and covered. It is recommended that the pump be brought indoors in freezing weather.

Placement: Always place fountains on a solid level foundation. If the fountain is to be placed on a softer surface like the ground, two inches of packed stone or sand will provide your fountain a solid foundation.

Additional information

Weight 119 lbs
Pump included

Massarelli 160 GPH pump

Light included

9917 LED Underwater Light