Scotts Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer



Dial ‘n Spray®
Multi-Use Hose End Sprayer
No conversion, no
measurement, no pre-mixing – just set dial and spray.  Instant
on-off action with trigger touch valve.  Precision metering
system with no-drip nozzle. No waste!  Unused product can be
returned to original container.  Select from 12 dial
settings.  Recommended for concentrate weed killers, insect
killers, disease controls and fertilizers.

Pour product into jar, and set dial to amount
indicated on product label and begin spraying. This sprayer siphons
product and mixes while spraying; it does not mix inside the

Move the sprayer back in forth in a constant motion. When
finished spraying, any product you have left may be poured back
into the original container.

The hose connected to the sprayer should be no longer than 50
feet long.

It is very important to clean the sprayer after using a thick
liquid or powder, as they may clog the sprayer.