Wilt Pruf Pint



Wilt Pruf®
The number
one selling anti-transpirant in the lawn and garden industry for nearly 50
years. Excessive moisture loss in plants causes stress, shock, wilting and plant
failure. It strikes during periods of drought, or when the plant roots are
disturbed during transplanting. It also occurs in winter when drying winds and
frozen ground deprive plants of their natural moisture intake.  Wilt-Pruf®
acts as a protective coating, holding in moisture in plant foliage and stems,
substantially reducing water loss during periods of plant stress.

Wilt Pruf Information and
application instructions

    Spray Rhododendrons and other broadleaf evergreens in the late
    to protect these plants from moisture loss through their leaves
    during the winter.  Be sure to
    spray only when temperatures are above freezing. 

    Apply in the late fall to newly planted needled evergreens, like
    spruce and arborvitae, to protect against moisture loss during the first
    winter.  Again, be sure to spray
    only when temperatures are above freezing. 

    Use when transplanting
    trees and shrubs to protect against moisture loss
    while the plant reestablishes its root system. 

    In windy areas, apply once per season
    to protect plants from excessive
    moisture loss and windburn. 

    Apply to the newly emerged foliage of roses
    and other disease prone
    perennials (for example, garden phlox) to protect the foliage from infection
    by disease-causing spores. 

    Use during periods of drought
    to help plants retain as much moisture as

    Spray your Christmas tree and other greenery before bringing
    them inside to prolong their freshness.