Viburnum, Arrowwood



Creamy white, flat-topped umbels give way to large clusters of blue-black berries. Highly lustrous, dark green, ruffled foliage turns bright yellow to red at onset of cooler temperatures. This densely branching shrub makes a hardy and reliable hedge, screen or border background. Ideal for urban landscapes or native gardens. Showy berries will delight birds. Deciduous.


Height:  15 Feet
Spread:  12 Feet
Sun Exposure: Sun / Partial Shade

Characteristics & Attributes

Key Features
  • Flowers
  • Berries – Bird Friendly
  • Fall Color
Foliage Color
  • Green
  • Bright Red- Fall
Flower Color
  • White
Bloom Season
  • Late Spring
Seasons of Interest
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
Growth Rate
  • Fast
  • Pyramidal