Maple, Floating Clouds Japanese



Acer palmatum ‘Ukigumo’, also known as the floating clouds maple, is one of the most striking and beautiful variegated Japanese maples. The foliage emerges in spring brilliant white, blushed pink and green. Later in the season it turns into a pastel green and white cloud with a touch of delicate pink on the tips. Truly an arresting sight against a dark background and a spectacular conversation plant in the garden. This slow growing maple is great for small gardens.

Height:  10 Feet
Spread:  8 Feet
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade

Characteristics & Attributes

Key Features
  • Foliage Color
Foliage Color
  • White – Spring
  • Green w/ Pink – Summer
  • Pastel Green – Fall
Flower Color
  • N/A
Bloom Season
  • N/A
Seasons of Interest
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
Growth Rate
  • Slow
  • Irregular