Rosemary, Officinalis



Although rosemary is perennial in warm climates, it is easily grown as an annual everywhere, because it matures quickly and provides such beauty as well as edible foliage for fresh and dried use as an herb. It is even useful for shaping into a little holiday tree — and it will perfume any room deliciously!

The foliage is best harvested for cooking purposes before the plant blooms, but you will probably want to grow a few extra rosemary plants just for the blue summer flowers! A true edible ornamental, rosemary belongs on every patio, deck, and porch where full sunshine can nourish it. And it’s quite water-saving, asking only for an occasional drenching once it reaches full size in summer.


Height:  18 Inches

 18 Inches

Sun Exposure: Sun / Partial Shade

Characteristics & Attributes

Key Features
  • Flavorful Leaves
  • Culinary Herb
  • Fragrant Houseplant
  • Attractive Flower
  • N/A
Harvest Time
  • 42 days
Growth Rate
  • Medium
  • Upright