Succulent, Echeveria, Jasper



Much like Hen & Chicks, Echeveria form a central rosette that is surrounded by many offspring as it matures. ‘Jasper’ has bright green petals with red tips. ‘Jasper’ is a drought tolerant succulent that prefers to be grown in well drained locations in the full sun.


Height:  6 Inches

 10 Inches

Sun Exposure: Sun / Partial Shade

Characteristics & Attributes

Key Features
  • Succulent
  • Foliage Texture
  • Flowers
Foliage Color
  • Bright Green with Red Tips
Flower Color
  • Orange
Bloom Season
  • Summer
Seasons of Interest
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
Growth Rate
  • Slow
  • Mounding