Chokecherry, Canada Red



Red leaf variety of native American Chokecherry, that has a
vigorous, uniform growth habit and red fruits, in midsummer. Extremely hardy,
maturing to 20-25 feet in height, with an 18-20 foot spread.  Leaves emerge
bright apple green then change to deep purple 2-3 weeks later. 
New growth is green turning purple throughout the summer.  Keep
suckers pruned. 

Height: 25 Feet

Spread:  20 Feet

Full Sun

Characteristics & Attributes

Key Features Foliage Color Flower Color Bloom Season Season of

  • Flowers  
  • Foliage Color 

  • Green
  • Purple

  • Pink

  • Pink

  • Spring  



Growth Rate Habit      

  • Medium

  • Weeping