In-Store Pickup

In-Store Pickup​

In order to provide our local and regional customers with the same level of service as our in-store customers. We are offering a free alternative to freight shipping.

This process is only available to customers planning to pickup their orders from our Fort Wayne, Indiana outlet.

How In-Store Pickup Works:

After receiving your order, we will add it to a list of current orders which we will hold until a manufacturer’s prepaid freight minimum is reached. That way all customers receiving products in that grouped order receive free shipping.

Once that limit is reached, we will charge your credit card for the total of your order. We will also contact you by email that your order has been sent on to the manufacturer and provide you with the estimated delivery date.

When we receive your order we will then contact you by email and phone to let you know that your order is ready for pickup.

We ask that you claim your order within 10 days of receiving your confirmation.

When you arrive to claim your order we will load it on your vehicle for you at no charge.

Please Note* When picking up your order, please be sure you bring the proper vehicle to pickup your item. We will not load large fountains or statuary into vehicles that are not designed to hold cargo. If you have questions on whether your vehicle is suitable for pickup please call us (888) 486-1587.


Advantages / Drawbacks:

Since your order will be at the mercy of other customers placing orders to fill out the minimum required for shipment, we cannot estimate delivery dates. Sometimes the minimum can be filled in days, sometimes it can take months. If you require your order in a certain time frame then we highly recommend that you use our direct shipping program.

Though this process takes a longer time for you to receive your order, it can save you several hundreds of dollars in freight costs.

In-Store Pickup Cancellation Policy:

If at any time before your order is passed on to the manufacturer you decide that you want to cancel or use our direct shipping option, just contact us either by email or phone and your order will be deleted from the system or sent direct to you.

If you choose to cancel your order after your order has been submitted to the manufacturer for production, a 25% restocking fee will be accessed to any credit applied to your credit card.

Any returns made after picking up your order will fall under the same rules as described in the Return & Exchange Policy.