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  • A green and white variegated small tree or large shrub. The dazzling leaves are entertaining in summer, and the exfoliating cream to peach colored bark...
  • Butterfly Bush, Blue Heaven Flutterby Petite
    Featuring blue flowers, Flutterby Petite Blue Heaven has a dense growth habit with fuzzy, silvery foliage and continuously blooms from early Summer unitl frost. Matures...
  • Upwardly-curved, deep green needles reveal a contrasting bright silver-white underside. Produces an abundance of large showy cones held upright along the branches. Grows slowly, developing...
  • Spruce, Daisy's White Alberta
    This selection of Alberta spruce is densely covered in creamy yellow white new growth in the spring. Unlike most Alberta Spruce, 'Daisy's White' will tolerate...