Honeylocust, Sunburst Thornless

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Sunburst is considered by many to be the perfect lawn tree. It grows into a vase shape and with a beautiful rounded canopy.

The fine-textured, compound leaves cast refreshing dappled shade. Your lawn grasses can grow beneath it. Pretty perennials or small shrubs for partial shade can easily establish and grow for you directly underneath it.

And little leaves? So much easier to pick up in fall. Often, a majority of them will just be whisked up by the wind and carried away. The tiny leaves that are left can actually be left to break down into rich, organic compost over the winter. A quick pass of the mower and you’re DONE with fall cleanup! No raking required.

Sunburst Honeylocust is well-known for bright sunny yellow leaves that emerge in the spring. As the new growth expands, the foliage at the tips remains very yellow until it matures. The leaves are nicely green through the summer and turn a lovely golden-yellow in the fall.

This tree is a tough cookie that excels in areas where others don’t. We’re talking compacted soil, clay soil, urban pollution, high heat, limited maintenance or care.



Height: 40′
Width: 35′
Light Needs: Full Sun
Key Features: Attractive Fall Color

Showy Foliage

Great Street Tree

Little Leaf Debris

Bloom Color: None
Bloom Season: N/A
 Foliage Color: Yellow – New Growth


Yellow – Fall

Seasons Of Interest: Spring


Growth Rate: Fast
 Growth Habit: Rounded

Additional information

Light Needs

Key Features


Foliage Color


Season Of Interest


Growth Rate


Fall Color


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