Greenview Weed and Feed + Trimec 27-0-4 5,000ft



Long lasting zero phosphate fertilizer feeds your lawn for 12
weeks and controls broadleaf weeds including dandelion, clover and

Your grass will be heartier, and ready to withstand the stresses
Mother Nature throws at it. Feeds your lawn for up to 12 weeks, so
you can get it done, and be done with it for the season. And the
zero phosphate formula helps protect ourwaterways. Now that’s
easy to use and easy maintenance!

  • GreenSmart is the smartest way to give your lawn the nutrition
    it needs by speeding root growth to improve nutrient
  • Kills and controls over 250 listed weeds, including dandelions,
    clover and plantain
  • Helps lawn retain water to protect against heat and

Lawn Food with Green Smart

Apply in spring to kill even the toughest weeds.  GreenSmart
helps revitalize soil and improves water conservation by building
strong roots and more stress-tolerant plants.